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Benefits of Dental Implants at New Life Dental Implant Center

A greater difference between full mouth dental implants and precise surgical and prosthetic planning and performance.

In-House Lab

At New Life Dental Implant Center, we have a full laboratory in the office including multiple designers and dental ceramists who complete work around the clock to create beautiful smiles for our patients.

MD General Anesthesia

Sedation is not provided by a dentist but by a board-certified anesthesiologists doctor who specializes in safe sedation for our patients. Our patients sleep peacefully while they get their work done.

One Doctor, One Team

You don't have to travel between multiple locations getting their work done. With Full Mouth Dental Implants at New Life Dental Implant Center, you are able to get the same doctor team from start to finish.

One Price, Start to Finish

We won't surprise you with additional fees through the treatment even if unexpected visits or additional procedures are necessary. The entire treatment is one price from start to finish.

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