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What are full mouth dental implants?

Updated: Dec 24, 2021

Permanent Dental Implants, also known as, Full Mouth Dental Implants or All-On-4™ Dental Implants is a screw-retained dental restoration that replaces missing teeth with a functional set of teeth that act like your natural teeth. Dr. Osafi and the New Life Dental Implant Center team restore thousands of smiles per year using dental implants and a digitally advanced dental system known as the Zirkor™ Dental Implant Restoration.

Our Speciality is full mouth permanent dental implants

New Life Dental Implant Center is limited to the practice of dental implants and the Zirkor™ Dental Implant Process. Combining the latest in digital technology with a state-of-the-art facility and an experienced team is what allows Dr. Osafi to be a leader in the dental implant industry. Our dental implant treatment process has very quickly become the leader in digital Full Mouth Permanent Dental Implant Treatment. This is what makes New Life Dental Implant Center the best option for full dental implant tooth replacement.

If you are missing multiple teeth and have problems with chewing, eating and don’t have the confidence to smile, then New Life Dental Implant Center is your calling. Our One-stop State-of-the-art facility offers affordable and the most predictable full permanent tooth replacement for our patients.

All-On-4™ Dental Implants Vs. Zirkor™ Dental Implants

Although most dental implant providers offer the All-On-4™ Dental Implant treatment, this treatment is not the best option available. Research has shown that when only 4 Dental Implants are used, like the so called All-On-4™ Low Cost Dental Implants treatment, the chance of failure is very high. If one of the implants fail, the restoration is considered a failure in total and patients will need to undergo a second surgery for re-treatment. This failure risk sometimes occurs in the first 2 years after treatment which leads to a significant increase in cost for the patient. At New Life Dental Implant Center, we place a minimum of 6 dental implants per jaw. This increase in the number of dental implants reduces the chance of implant failure by 40% and increases support and stability of the bridge for a more long-term permanent solution.

At New Life Dental Implant Center, we use the Zirkor™ Dental Implant Process. This unique completely digital workflow restores a full set of teeth with 6 implants and a fixed restoration in one day. This process makes it easy to have the entire procedure done in one day using dental sedation for complete comfort. The Zirkor Dental Implant Process uses computer-guided technology for the predictable placement of the dental implants. This reduces surgery time and eliminates guesswork. In less 3 hours, our patients walk out of the office with a brand new strong and healthy set of teeth.

The most important fact about the Zirkor™ Dental Implant Process is the cost. If you are concerned with the cost of full mouth dental implants, then the Zirkor™ Dental Implant Restoration is the solution for low cost dental implants since it costs less than 50% of the national competitor for full teeth dental implants.

To learn more about the Zirkor™ Dental Implant Process or to see if you are a candidate for full mouth dental implants, schedule your Free Consultation today.

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